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Vanessa van Scherpenseel

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Vanessa van Scherpenseel qualified with a BA in Art Therapy in Leiden, The Netherlands in 2006. Her degree is based on the Anthroposophical philosophy where the developing stages of  the individual or organisation are taken into consideration to arrive at the current imbalance. Thinking, emotions and will power are the three main properties that help focus this process of observations and lead to tailored artistic interventions which are developed to benefit the individual and organisation. These interventions can be directive and active, having a lasting impact. Vanessa has over 13 years of freelance experience, working within the therapeutic arts in education, community settings and organisational structures. She has always been interested in the influence art and its creation has on people. The positive experience art has on individuals, has shown to indirectly affect others around them. Over the last few years, this ‘domino effect’ has been an interest of hers. The notable impact on resilience, cope with change and the ability to regulate emotions is key to my practice within Apply Your Arts.

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Saturday, September 5

4:15pm BST