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I have taught yoga and meditation for over ten years and continue to study in a tradition of Tibetan Buddhist Meditation called Mahamudra. Essentially, all my work whether writing, teaching or self-practice is all about how we use spiritual wisdom (esp of the yoga/buddhist traditions) to navigate the messy realities of our lives. I am passionate about helping people find ways to make space for their inner lives and modify traditional linear meditation 'mind-training' into a more nurturing and adaptive practice that fits into life rather than demands we step outside it. I have also written two novels in a longer series on inner spiritual journeys, The Boatman & The Colour of Losa. And after three years podcasting on conscious living and practical philosophy with a friend (Havana Cafe Sessions Podcast), I have started a new podcast called Messy, Luminous, Being that I hope will contribute to the conversation about what spiritual practice really looks like for women, mothers and all of us trying to do 'all the things' while still staying connected to our inner selves.

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