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Sally Gouldstone

Dr Sally Gouldstone is a botanist, mother and lover of all things wild.  She has worked in nature conservation for 20 years, travelling the world to join projects in some of the most biodiverse regions on the planet (from Madagascar to Borneo), as well as working on rare plant conservation projects closer to home in Scotland.  In 2018 she set up a business of her own (Seilich Botanicals), making natural cosmetics from Scottish botanicals grown in her meadow in East Lothian.  As nature sits at the very heart of this business it has become the first Wildlife Friendly Certified company in the UK and Sally is keen to promote the role the wellness industry has to play in nature conservation.  As well as making beautiful ‘nature-ful’ products, Sally also leads plant walks, gives talks on nature conservation and runs distillation workshops (using traditional copper stills).