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Orla Stevens

Orla Stevens is a multidisciplinary Scottish Contemporary Landscape Artist and Textile Designer.  She is influenced by instinctive mixed media processes, wild landscape and the cultural traditions and narratives tied to rural locations. Her textiles are inspired by history, music and stories found within traditional Scottish culture. Orla combines the emotive narrative of these mediums into visual and tactile form, as art blankets for the Home. Using making as a method of story telling, Orla seeks to explore the relationship that lies between landscape, its historical narrative and our present emotional experience of place. ​ Painting focuses on capturing emotive qualities of place, through colour and form. An outdoor enthusiast herself, Orla believes in the importance of connection with nature. Orla explores the physical and emotional links we form with rural places; an interconnected relationship of mind, body and environment. Through painting, Orla hopes to build on the bond between people and places, to highlight the importance of connecting to, respecting and preserving our wild landscapes, heritage and ecology.