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Mandy Abbott

Mandy Abbott is a Scotland-based Zen Yoga teacher with a lifelong passion for nature. She is qualified in herbalism, horticulture, reflexology, reiki and outdoor education. She teaches connecting to natures gifts of the seasons and through Yoga and meditation, learning to control our minds, accept ourselves and just ‘be’.
Having practiced for 20 years, she came to teaching “ Know Your Nature Yoga “ after hearing so many people of her age say they couldn’t do it. Her mindset being if “I can you can”.
Her career pathway includes 33 years of nursing and is linked by her enthusiasm to inspire others, increase their knowledge and awareness of emotional, spiritual, physical and mental self care to be the best version of their self.
With an increase in male mental health issues and suicide a subject dear to her heart, she noticed a gap in provision and regularly teaches men only yoga