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Fiona Sears

Ever since I was a child I have asked questions about nature, people and relationships between the two. I loved to read and be told stories of folk and faerie tales and all the ancient Greek myths as this was where I was born and raised. The connection to the wild has always been very strong in me.

The work I offer is the culmination of a lifetime of searching for connection, ultimately to my Self, nature and to others. I offer this work as an aid to your own journey through life, a deepening into the realm of body through bodywork and yoga. A communion with the medicine of the plants with which I have worked. Underlying all that however, is simply the intention of connecting to what is real and true to You. What is going on right here and now in your own body, your life? I’m not here to provide answers but to point you back to your Self. Therein lie all questions and all answers.

My Teachers Sessions

Saturday, September 5

7:15pm BST

Sunday, September 6

7:00pm BST