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Camilo Brokaw

Originally from the US, Camilo was already training in traditional kung fu when the discipline of parkour first arrived there.  The freedom to move through the environment demonstrated in early videos was irresistible and Camilo spent years developing a community of parkour practitioners and visiting other communities to learn all he could.  Still continuing his traditional training, the Taoist ideas in his martial arts about health, balance with nature, and longevity influenced his parkour as well as his martial arts.  Although he worked as the head movement instructor at a fitness facility for three years, Camilo felt that movement needed to be outside in the environment and that ultimately the truest understanding of our bodies could only be found through moving in unbuilt environments.  In meeting and training with other coaches and instructors who felt the same, Camilo combined what he had learned through traditional martial arts and parkour into his own flavor of moving smoothly and efficiently through nature.

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Friday, September 4

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